As with every industry, product and service, trends come and go in the furniture world.  What can be particularly in demand and seen as being ‘in vogue’ one year can be completely unwanted by the same people just a year later (or in several cases, just a few months down the line).

Whilst it can be difficult in some ways for a furniture manufacturer to keep up with the latest trends, in others it can be particularly easy.

The way to do this effectively is to understand your audience and be fully aware of what it is you can actually offer them.

And looking at some of the more popular furniture trends of recent times, here we discuss how our pine furniture fits in with them fantastically.

1.  Environmentally-friendly furniture

We do our utmost at The Rocking Chair to make furniture that’s going to last, ultimately meaning that your maintenance and replacement costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Whilst this means the furniture we create has a particularly low negative impact on the environment itself, there are also a number of other positive points to note here, such as the fact our furniture is made from solid oak and pine and no – or an absolutely minimal amount of – manmade products or chemicals are used.

2.  Vintage (looking) furniture

Developing furniture that’s going to suit as wide of an audience as possible, we have both classic and contemporary designed ranges.

For example, our Milano bedroom furniture has a particularly modern feel to it, whilst our Bretagne living room and kitchen furniture is inspired by traditional designs.

In recent years, vintage furniture has become extremely popular, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be vintage as such, as long as it looks it – and that’s exactly what you can get with plenty of the furniture ranges we have on offer.

Choose one of our kitchen dressers, for instance and you could very easily replicate the feel of a Victorian kitchen, when the truth is the piece was likely to be made only a few weeks ago!

3.  Handmade furniture

As consumer needs and expectations grow, we’ve seen there be a growing trend towards furniture that’s handmade.  People want to be proud of their furniture, knowing that someone’s hard work and effort has gone into it and it hasn’t simply been mass produced by a machine.

We’d proud to say this is exactly what you’ll receive when you buy a piece of furniture from The Rocking Chair – piece of mind that you’re owning an item that, at the very least, has been finished beautifully by hand.

Trends come and go all the time and whilst we don’t try to produce furniture that meets the latest trends, we do take our customers’ needs into consideration continually, ensuring that above all else, we produce furniture that’s of the highest quality and which is always going to meet your expectations perfectly.

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