A solid pine investment has the potential to be one of your most rewarding furniture choices. Pine can be relied upon as an especially adaptable, relatively inexpensive and reassuringly sturdy material for the home.

Being of a generally light, neutral tone, it blends well with most wall and furniture colour schemes, and matches other wood items in the home easily.

And, with a little bit of care and know how, there’s no reason why your elegant pine wardrobe, shelving unit or coffee table shouldn’t serve you for many more years to come.

Allow us to support you in taking some pride in your home with our top 5 tips for maintaining and protecting pine furniture.

1. Cleaning

Giving your pine furniture a regular clean is very important. Don’t worry too much about the necessity of expensive specialist sprays and cleaning solutions.

Instead, use a basic soft dust cloth to wipe the surface of the furniture around once a week, and otherwise simply try to avoid using harsher aerosol sprays or oil-based polishes.

These types of product have been known to remove the distinctive natural character of the pine, as well as leaving a sticky residue. Always make sure to read the product directions.

2. Waxing

To really give your pine furniture that extra bit of tender loving care, invest in a basic, unperfumed block of wax to re-treat the surface of the pine. Don’t worry about the extra fuss involved – all that is required is to rub the surface of the pine with the wax every two or three months.

For an added dose of protection, apply the wax to the whole of the furniture just once a year, and your pine furniture will thank you.

3. Location

While pine furniture is loved for its versatility, if you want to prolong the beauty of your furniture, it’s a good idea to consider the location of your furniture in relation to structural room elements.

For example, avoid positioning your pine next to strong heat and light sources, such as radiators, functional fireplaces and windows giving off direct sunlight. Excessive heat exposure causes the wood to contract, and – horror of horrors – eventually crack.

The same physics is at play when it comes to placing overly hot or cold items directly onto the wood surface, too, so use a place mat or coaster.

By taking these small but smart preventative measures, you can prolong the look and strength of your pine exponentially.

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