Whether you’re a globetrotting nine-to-fiver or a grounded homemaker, there’s something about classic wood furniture pieces that is compatible with every lifestyle.

As well as lending effortless style to a room, oak and pine-themed statement furniture and accents are perfect for pulling everything else together, too.

And just in case you need any more convincing, take a look at our top four reasons for opting for oak and pine furnishings.

1.  Adaptable

Oak and pine is ideal if you want to infuse your living space with rustic and earthy overtones, but bolder colour choices and sleeker designs, like those in our Milano furniture range, can work towards a more quintessentially modern aesthetic, too.

These timeless furniture choices are appropriate for any room of the house to boot – so moving house or changing up your current decor scheme needn’t descend into a tetris-like battle to squeeze everything into unsuitable room spaces.

2.  Sustainable

Another reason why pine and oak have remained perennially popular throughout history is their sustainability value.

Pine, though not as hard as oak, is sourced from abundantly forested regions such as North America and Scandinavia, and has the further advantage of being relatively inexpensive.  Certain types of oak, on the other hand, may take longer to reach maturity than other tree varieties, but benefit from established qualities like hardness and durability.

3.  Unique

Choosing wood furniture is different from other home decor options in that it is a popular but nevertheless strongly personal choice.

Pine is admired for its lighter tones, working well with neutral, relaxing decor schemes. Alternatively, oak is renowned for its stunning wood grains – meaning it could work equally well as a central statement piece to a room, or as several gorgeous, unifying accents to a room.

Fittingly, our ranges come in a variety of hues and finishes, from Aspen oak to Santa Fe pine, and their distinctive, natural wood grain ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike.

4.  Durable

We craft our handmade furniture with pride – and it shows.

Our range, finely finished with traditional methods, has a distinct advantage over flat-pack furniture options.  Not only does this mean no fiddly nuts and bolts to work around, but our techniques ensure reliable, quality pieces that will stand the test of time, in turn ensuring value for money.

Some wood varieties have been known to mature into new, gorgeous finishes, too – seeing in whatever relocations might come your way and possibly even spanning multiple generations.

Both oak and pine are fantastic options for a whole variety of different furniture pieces and we’re certain that whatever your needs are, you won’t be disappointed should you choose one of these two much-loved woods as the main material.

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