As you may have guessed, we love all kinds of furniture; from oak to Milano furniture.

But today we want to focus on pine furniture, because in our eyes, it just works so well in a whole array of different settings.

Sure, we understand that it’s not to everyone’s tastes and that’s completely fine – if we all liked the same styles, the world would be a strange place to live in!

However, we know there are plenty of people out there who are considering pine furniture for a variety of different reasons and purposes.  Some have never had pine furniture and think it will work well in their rooms, whilst many others are coming back to it after trying other woods and realising it just doesn’t provide what they’re looking for as well as pine does.

Therefore, if you’re currently considering pine furniture for the bedroom, but aren’t 100% convinced, take a look at these five reasons as to why by going with it, you really will be making the right decision.

1.  It’s warm and inviting

Just take a look at any type of pine furniture.  It’s warm.  It’s cosy.  It makes you feel comfortable when you’re using it or simply when it’s in the room.

Making it perfect for the bedroom, as that’s the place you need to be relaxing most, what’s fantastic is it works for everyone, whether you’re looking for furniture for a 6 year old’s bedroom or a 66 year old’s!

2.  It’s a neutral colour, so it goes with most decors easily

With some wood, it’s particularly dark or particularly light and although this can be fantastic, you have to be a bit careful with your decor.

Pine furniture, being the neutral colour that it is, goes with most things and so you could change your bedroom decor several times and not have to worry about whether the furniture is going to fit in or not.

3.  You can change the colour of it easily

Following on from the above point, whilst you shouldn’t have to worry about the colour of the pine furniture clashing with your decor, we know that some will – so why not just change the colour of the furniture if you think it’s a problem?

A darker varnish or a lick of paint could be all it takes to completely change the colour of the pine furniture and it will work so well with this type of wood, arguably more so than any other.

4.  It’s more affordable than you’re likely to first realise

A lot of people think pine furniture, particularly handcrafted pine furniture, is going to be expensive.  Often too expensive that they can’t even afford it.

At The Rocking Chair, we try to keep our prices as low as we possibly can and that’s why you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised.

For example, we have a wonderful double bed that costs just £279.

Is it the cheapest on the market?  No – but is it cheaper than average?  Without a doubt! (and you’re unlikely to get the same quality pine furniture for this price elsewhere either!)

5.  It’s timeless

Pine has always been around and it always will be.  It peaks in popularity and it decreases in popularity, but it never goes out of fashion.

And to so many people, this is vital with bedroom furniture.  Nobody wants to be changing their furniture every other year, but no one wants to have outdated furniture either.

A great investment, pine furniture really is timeless and is always going to look perfect and fitting in any house, today or right into the future.

We’re always happy to discuss pine furniture and what pieces will work best for any room in your house, so if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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