We are delivering furniture on a daily basis with my job and while delivering a TV unit to a customer in Pontardawe, I commented on how the large Ducal display cabinet in the living room was missing a drop down door, the customer then explained how years earlier his granddaughter had sat on the display door ripping it off completely. I enquired if he still had the door and he replied "It's in a Tesco bag in the garage" he soon returned with the bag and upon inspection, I offered to fix the door for him.


As can be seen from the above pictures the door had as been stated ripped off, but luckily it had split the timber along its grain and the quick thinking customer had placed all the bits in a Tesco bag, so a repair seemed quite straight forward.

Fitting Gluing and Clamping

It was soon evident that the pieces would fit exactly back into place with a bit of gentle coaching, and the pieces were glued and clamped one by one slowly making the door complete again.

As you can see, clamping a even amount of pressure along the join is of extreme importance in repair jobs like this, ensuring a tight gap free join the full length of the break, this makes sure that the finishing process is less involved and so a all over better job.

Once all the bits were glued back on, the door was hand sanded and washed with cellulose thinners to remove and silicon before re lacquering with a 20% sheen clear lacquer to match the rest of the large Ducal display cabinet.


As you can see it is virtually impossible to see the join after its repair, needless to say the customer was over the moon, and as for me ...may not have been one of the biggest restoration jobs I have done, but it was one of the most enjoyable.

So if you have a piece you think might be broken beyond repair ...make sure you ask as you just never know what might be possible.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

Many Thanks


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