Brooklyn Bedroom Furniture can give your bedroom a Spring makeover

Spring. What does it mean to you? What image comes to mind when you say the word aloud?

Spring. Do you think dark, mysterious nights? Or do you think bright days filled with sunshine?

For me (and I think for most), it’s the latter. It’s the days filled with blue skies and bright sunshine, it’s the freshness of the flowers in the field.

And what does this have to do with oak and pine furniture? Well, let me explain.

Spring is a time for renewal, a time to come out of hibernation, a time to start looking forward, a time to rejuvenate, a time to refresh and renew. And what better way to start the Spring season than with a clearout of your home storage? A chance to reinvigorate life into your home, an opportunity to get rid of the old and introduce the new.

Bedrooms are a sanctuary

Bedrooms should be more than a place to sleep. They should be a place where we can unwind from the day, somewhere for us to relax and revive. It’s impossible to do that if the room is disorganised, full of clutter and uninspiring. This is where the Rocking Chair can help.

Our Brooklyn Bedroom furniture is a beautiful range of Oak furniture. Made from top quality timber carefully selected from American and Russian White Oak, it’s hand-finished in our workshop in Swansea using pure Tung Oil. This process ensures that the Brooklyn furniture is durable and longlasting and becomes a piece of Oak furniture that can be treasured for a long time to come.

By purchasing an item from the Brooklyn Bedroom furniture, you will have a piece of furniture that you will want to treasure, an item that is both practical and tasteful. This will help you to stay organised and decluttered. You will want the items that you store within the range to be as beautiful as the furniture you are using for storage.

Knowing that your bedroom storage is clean, uncluttered and organised can only help to create that relaxing sanctuary we all need to help us get a restful night’s sleep.


Take a look at our range of Brooklyn Bedroom furniture and see how our other bedroom furniture ranges can help you to organise and declutter whilst spring cleaning this season.

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