It’s amazing what a designated home office work space can do for your work output. If you’re working from home or studying for a course, taking yourself away to a space that is designed for work will help you get your work done ten times faster, and with significantly better results. We are often asked about home office design ideas for all shapes and sizes of rooms. From large open office spaces, to small cubby holes that you have claimed as your own, we can help you design the workspace you deserve.

Good home office design centres around two things: work space and storage space.

Work Space

If you’re comfortable with just a laptop or tablet, then even your kitchen or dining room table can make a great workspace.

A purpose-built desk, on the other hand, is more than just a space to park a laptop. Most have storage built in, and many our pine and oak computer desks offer designated spaces  to keep keyboards, screens and printers – and the irritating cable salad they create – safely stored away.

Modern computer desks are more than just a place to sit and work, they help to create a unique and individual space for you to work on projects, dream up new and exciting ideas or get round to that time-consuming admin that really needs doing.

Storage Space

If you’re short of space, are a home-office newbie or on a very tight budget, then box files or even large storage boxes are an easy way to store your supplies and paperwork. In the end, though, you might want to trade up to a filing cabinet or bookcase to keep documents in order and books easily to hand.

A few simple additions to your home office design can make a real positive difference to your work day. Even a small cupboard or blanket box can be a really effective storage solution to keep your desk neat so you can get on with your work and enjoy the rest of your day.

You won’t mind getting your work done if you carve out a space in your home that is truly yours. If you work from home, it’s important to have an area you can retreat to so you can get work tasks done without distractions. Once you have your desk in place and storage solutions sorted, you can begin to add personal touches to your home office design. Whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing, be it a map of the world, pictures of family or a fish tank – the beauty of a space that is yours is that you can put your mark on it. Team this with the stamp of quality provided by home office furniture from A Touch of Pine and you’ll never dread going into the office again.

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