As soon as you walk through our doors or visit our website, you’ll realise that the vast majority of our products are made from oak and pine.

Generally speaking, oak and pine furniture is often seen as traditional in their style.  Something like a kitchen dresser is a perfect example – they have been a staple piece of furniture in the family home for decades.

But whilst traditional can be great, we know that many of our customers want something that looks more modern.  A little more fresh in its design.  Stylish and appealing to younger generations, too.

And although it’s all too easy to dismiss oak and pine as being anything but modern, this is often because of them being thought of as traditional woods to make furniture from – the truth is that oak and pine not being able to be modern is a huge misconception!

Take our Milano bedroom furniture as an example.

Made out of solid American White Oak, the entire range has a particularly contemporary look to it with its sleek lines and a modern feel due to its metal ball runners.  However, it also blends in traditional craftsmanship, too, by having solid oak bottoms in the drawers, something that simply isn’t seen on a wide scale anymore.

Another great example is our Welland range, which although having more of a traditional feel to it than the Milano range, still has those contemporary touches which mean it fits in perfectly with your home’s decor, whatever that may be.

To all intents and purposes, modern furniture isn’t about the the wood – or materials in general – that are used.  Look back throughout history and what many may consider to be ‘new’, ‘stylish’ and completely modern today will have been around and popular at least once before.

Instead, it’s all about the design.  It’s about the shapes, the lines and the way the entire piece of furniture is constructed.  The actual materials used without doubt have an impact on how the piece looks, but a lot of the time the material is related more to the durability of the piece and how long-lasting it’s going to be – something that can easily be for decades with pine and oak.

Through years of experience, we’ve come to understand as best as we possibly can what our customers are looking for.  From traditional dining furniture to contemporary bedroom items, such as those in our Aspen bedroom furniture range, we try to offer it all and feel confident that whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ll have something that meets your needs perfectly.

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