The dining room is our favourite room in the house by far. It’s such a social hub, a room that brings friends and family together. Your dining room design needs to be versatile enough to allow for quick week-night dinners, long Sunday lunches with the family and dinner dates with friends that go onto into the early hours. The dining room is nothing if not the heart of your home. If you are looking for dining room design ideas with pine or oak dining room furniture, follow our tips to make your space look completely divine with just a few simple changes.

Our pine and light oak dining tables look spectacular against muted tones and sand coloured textiles, whether it be curtains, chair backs or table runners.

Make your own dining room paradise and use bamboo place mats, vases with leafy arrangements and adorn the walls with holiday snaps, travel souvenirs or maybe even a map of the world.

Designing your dining room is a chance for you to get really personal with the style of your home. If you keep your dining rooms for formal use, it’s a great idea to try and keep the table set all the time; it looks impressive and gives a vibe of grandeur and exclusivity – the ideal combination for elegant dining room design.

Another fantastic dining room design idea is to contrast the wood against white chairs and white walls, but add a splash of colour with your accessories.  Purposefully mismatching chairs or adding a selection of colourful cushions work just as well.

Mix colours, sizes, styles; or if you are just beginning to dabble with your dining room colour scheme, match the chairs to each other but not the table for an interesting pop of colour.

Subtle dining room design can give you an equally delightful dining space. For starters, all you need for some gorgeous dining room design is a statement dining room table. This will form the foundations of the room and you can always add more decorative pieces and stylish effects over time.

Simple touches such as interesting light fixtures and feature walls are easy to do, plus they never really go out of fashion. If all else fails, a statement fruit bowl or candelabra instantly makes a room look homely and lived in. So for somewhere to serve up delicious dinners and sumptuous suppers come and see us and we’ll get you dining in style in no time!

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