Real Wood, Laminates and Ceramic Flooring.

Scratches and damage from furniture is becoming more of a problem as we modernise our living spaces from the traditional carpets and move toward the fashion of real wood flooring, engineered flooring and ceramic tiling.

We are often asked how do you prevent such flooring being damaged by the need to move wardrobes, chest of drawers and beds to clean and the inevitable use of chairs to sit upon! 

Well, here are some tips and some items that are on the market you may not know about.

1. Do Not Push Your Furniture.

Sounds a obvious one, but it is a common way to scratch your flooring, is may be easier to push or pull your furniture to re decorate but the damage it could cause is not worth the risk, always get a second person to help with the carrying of heavier furniture or some sort of 'Moving Buddy' could be of use.

2. The Use of a Rug Area.

To prevent damage to your flooring you could place your furniture on a rug. This is a great way to add a splash of style to your room and protect your floor at the same time.

3. Check Legs Regularly.

Its is always best to check the legs on all furniture both old and new, new furniture may come with some form of "Teflon" foot which is held on with a capsulated nail, sometimes this nail breaks free of its mounting and can damage flooring. Older furniture may become damaged or worm with use so regular checking and some regular maintenance, such as replacing foam pads or feet may be necessary, where there is no foot it may need sanding to remove any damaged or rough edges that could damage your flooring.


4. Wheels.

Have you considered castors, there are hundreds of castors on the market and although the can change the style and overall "feel" of a piece of furniture they are a good solution to a piece of furniture you regularly move. A word of warning, some castors may still damage flooring, castors with smaller wheels tend to jam and drag on flooring so a non marking rubber or a ball castor are best. Regularly clean your castors as debris may adhere to the castors and damage your flooring when you move your furniture.

Flush Ball CastorRubber Ball Castor





5. Furniture Pads.

Furniture pads help cushion the feet or corners of furniture and raise them slightly off the floor. They are made of felt, cork, and rubber. Felt pads even allow the furniture to be moved around, so it doesn’t have to be lifted or put on wheels. If you have chairs that sit on wood floor, stick felt pads to all their feet, we have found even though they come with self adhesive pads, a blob of super glue helps tremendously with the prevention of "movement" of the pad on a chair leg. 

Self Cut Foam Pads

Foam Pads with Encapsulated Nails

We hope here at The Rocking Chair Ltd that we have given you some pointers to enable you to enjoy your beautiful flooring and furniture for many years to come, and if you would like to chat to us about anything you have seen here, please don't hesitate to contact us on or chat to us on 01792773000.

Many thanks for reading.


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