Furniture has changed dramatically over the years; can you imagine what it was like to have seating or a bed back in the Victorian or Tudor times?

Back then, you couldn’t just buy high quality bedroom furniture as easily as you can these days in a store or over the internet.

But, even though there have been big changes in furniture over the years, do you think there are still some similarities between beds then and beds now?

Tudor Times

Beds back in the Tudor times were usually four-poster beds, which we still get and use nowadays, but they are nowhere near as popular now as they were then.  These beds were all individual, with each one having its own intricate carvings in the wood; not like the mass produced ones we get today.

Back then, you wouldn’t find many beds that were not made from wood, whereas today you can have beds made out of nearly anything; although wooden beds – mainly oak frames – are still the best in our eyes.

The Tudors also didn’t have the luxury to have their bed frames stained or painted a different colour – they had to stick with the natural colour of the wood they were using.  You, on the other hand, could have your bedroom furniture painted pink, if that is what you wanted.

Although, the Tudors would have some intricately designed curtains or embroidered drapes hanging down over the sides to make it look all the more fabulous.

For the wealthy, they probably would have had the luxury of having a chair in their bedrooms.  these, again, would have been engraved and would have been tall with straight backs.

These types of chairs were expensive to buy, so if you weren’t as fortunate as some, you would probably of had a bench instead.

Nowadays, chairs aren’t really seen in the bedroom, there are so many other things you need in there that there isn’t room for a chair – especially a large, grand one from the Tudor rule.

In conclusion, some aspects of bedroom furniture have changed – you can have them painted / stained now, or they may be made from something other than wood.

But at the same time, there are some things that are still the same – beds being mainly made from wood being one of them.

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