It doesn’t matter what industry you’re working in, having the right products is of the utmost importance to your initial and future success.

Whether it’s the pine furniture we produce at The Rocking Chair or a t-shirt you see in a shop on your local high street, the products are created with the customer in mind and done so in a way that is going to satisfy them in the best way possible.

But whilst with some products it may seem obvious how they’re produced to offer the most satisfaction and be as perfectly suited to the customer’s needs as they can be, for others it’s not as clear – and today we want to explain how we are able to do it time and time again with the pine furniture we create.

On the most basic of levels, it comes down to the fact that we take the time to truly understand what it is our customers want from our products.

There’s no doubt mass-produced furniture has its place and it can’t be of a good quality, but the way it’s produced is regularly done by basing things on assumptions.  Design trends that are likely to be popular or styles that some suggest will be ‘in vogue’ at a certain time, rather than having facts or evidence that something is actually wanted.

At The Rocking Chair, we actually listen to what customers want.  We look at the products that have sold well in the past and work out why something was particularly popular and why something else wasn’t.

We listen to what our customers are telling us and base future pieces on a combination of everything from individual comments through to sales figures.  And this is all because, to us, it’s about understanding our customers’ needs as best as we can, rather than trying to preempt what it is they’re looking for.

As a family-run business, we have a bigger focus on customer satisfaction than most first realise and it’s because of this why we continually strive to ensure that every single piece of furniture we create is exactly as our customers expect it to be.

Having experienced craftsmen working in our on-site workshop using traditional techniques, couple this with our knowledgeable staff and we’re confident we can deliver the pine furniture – and the all-round service, from pre-sales right through to post-sales – that’s going to offer the most satisfaction possible to every single one of our customers.

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