We are often asked, here at The Rocking Chair, about the different finishes that are available for Pine and Oak furniture, and today we will look at a traditional waxed finish.

Wax paste polishes can be clear or coloured, and are a blend of synthetic wax, white spirit, pigment and may or may not contain natural beeswax. At The Rocking Chair, we have always used Fiddes Supreme wax polish, which is one of the best products on the market.

Wax Polish is applied with a ‘lint free’ cloth and a paint brush is used to get the polish into areas, such as beadings, corners and the like, which are difficult to access with a cloth. After application, the wax is allowed to dry for a brief time, and then buffed with a clean 'lint free' cloth, to create a sheen. Several coats of wax can be applied in a build up process to achieve a deep lustre which has a traditional beauty to its finish.

Wax polish is best used over a wood stain to provide an even colour over the piece of furniture that is being finished. On areas of wood that are subject to frequent use, and and that require a greater degree of water resistance, such as table tops etc., it is recommended to use an oil such as Danish oil or Teak oil before applying the top coat of wax. The oil soaks into the grain to give you the moisture barrier needed to ensure durability against water, food, and mild chemical spillage. After the oil has been allowed to dry, a top coat of wax is applied to give the soft traditional sheen and lustre of a classic wax finish.

To maintain your waxed furniture, you simply need to periodically dust with a clean cloth. On items such as table tops, you can also wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. And it it easy to restore or refresh your waxed furniture by re applying a top coat of wax, but this only needs doing very occasionally. 

Wax has been used for centuries as a wood finish, and today is still an ideal finish for bedroom furniture and items like bookcases, as well as traditional furniture, and antique repairs, and can be very effective for adding colour and beauty back to an old piece of furniture.

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