We all need to buy new furniture at some point.  It might be once a month as we pick up a new side table or once every few years as we buy a new bed, but it’s one of those thing’s that’s simply inevitable.

But with so much choice available, it can be difficult working out exactly what furniture you need to be buying for you – and today, we want to give you a bit of information into how you go about buying the most suitable pine furniture for your own individual needs.

And one of the first things you need to understand is that just going by its very nature, pine furniture is particularly multi-purpose in terms of its build and quality.  It’s because of this why you shouldn’t worry about looking too much at this side of things – at The Rocking Chair, we only provide high quality, well-built furniture to, amongst other aspects, ensure you don’t have to take the build quality into consideration.

So as this is the case, you then need to start looking at three separate pointes – size, colour (varnish) and price – and move forward from there.

For example, with size, a lot of people – particularly those buying an item for the first time – think things just come in one size.  Beds are x feet wide by y feet long; sideboards are x feet high, y feet deep and z feet wide and dining tables follow the exact same path, with no differentiation in size.

Whilst certain items do follow the same sizes roughly, they’re not all exactly the same and it’s therefore important that you measure both the space you have available and the item you’re looking to buy.  In fact, it’s recommended to do this anyway – items on display often look smaller than they are, so when you get them home, they might turn out to be bigger than you first anticipated.

It’s a similar situation with colour.  As standard, pine is pine – but it could be stained with varnish in such an array of different colours that one piece of furniture could be completely different to the other.

And when it comes to price, it really is important you set a budget.  We try to produce as wide of a range of pine furniture as we possibly can, ensuring we have something for everyone’s budget, but without even a rough idea of how much it is you want to spend, the choice could be overwhelming!

When you’re looking to buy the best pine furniture for your needs, we’d strongly advise you speak to our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff.  As a family run business, we have a huge focus on customer satisfaction and all of our employees share our company focus of ensuring every customer gets the perfect product for their needs.

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