Here at The Rocking Chair we are often asked what would be the perfect size table, and it is a very hard question to answer but over the years we have established guidelines we use that may be off help to you.

How Many People Do You Sit Every Day ?

This is a normal day, because if you are only 2 every day in your home, it may not be useful to have a 14 seater table even if once a year you would love a table that size. Ask yourself how often do you entertain, children and their partners, coming over for Sunday lunch, birthdays or just friends coming over and chatting over a glass of wine or a coffee.

If the answer is very often than a larger table would suite your needs better, or what about an extending table, these are very popular now and probably 90% off what we are selling are extending in some way or another, as there are several types of extenders on the market and it's worth looking to see what suit you best.  

How Much Room Do I Need ?

There is nothing worse than a table that's just to big for the room it's in! 

Once you have considered the questions raised in the above paragraph and know if you want a 4 or 6 seater for most days of the week, you have to consider how much room you need to comfortably use your table, as an example, if you have a 6 seater table, 2 on each side and 1 on each end, can you get past people sat in the chairs easily, especially the end chairs, as often this can be problematic, it is best to work on the rule that a average person takes up 40 - 50cm when sat in a chair against a table. 

How to Measure for Your Table?

I have often said that measuring with a tape and saying from 'here to here' does not work, you need a physical template to place on the floor, a easy way to do this is with a newspaper laid out on the floor to the size of your table, both closed and when the table is extended. This helps you visualise the size of your new table and enables you to then estimate the passing spaces when people are sat in the chairs. Once this is done you need ideally a good 50 -60cm around your table for getting past. 

If you have a table that extends to take all your family member for that festive Christmas or New Years meal, these spaces can be reduced or ignored as family members don't mind bunching up to enjoy a special meal with family and friends.

If you require and advice or information about table sizes, please message me here or on, or even ring me for a chat on 01792 773000...Happy Table Hunting!

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