Here at The Rocking Chair, we pride ourselves on the high quality furniture we provide for our customers.

Our large showroom has a  complete selection of pine, oak and painted furniture for every room in your home.  The stylish and diverse collection includes tables, chairs, Welsh dressers, bookcases, occasional tables, beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, office and Milano furniture.

If you are a big fan of having oak furniture in your home, do you know how you can keep it looking good, and almost brand new, with a little bit of maintenance and upkeep?

Oak furniture can add a unique feel to your home; it is one of the most highly valued types of wood and brings with it exceptional beauty, strength and durability.  But you need to take care of it to keep it at that level.

One of the main factors of keeping your oak furniture at its peak is conditioning it with oil or wax to protect it from stains or cracking.  You should be oiling or waxing your oak every couple of months in the first few years you have it; then the longer you have it, the less often you have to treat it (maybe to just twice a year).

The best wax to use is beeswax, and it should be applied along the direction of the grain of the wood and then removed when it has dried.

Remember, oak is a natural material and should be treated as such.  Use all natural, oil-based cleansers to keep your oak furniture clean or wipe the dust with a soft cloth dampened in linseed oil.

Something you might not know, which is important, is that you should try to keep your oak furniture away from direct sunlight and radiators as the heat from these will make the wood dry out and will be likely to crack more easily and lose some colour.

Stains and scratches are the biggest nightmare of every oak furniture owner but both can be easily repaired on your own in most cases.  To remove stains, apply some butter to the stain, leave it overnight and remove with a clean cloth in the morning; this method is effective for many kinds of stains including those caused by spills and even heat.

If you have scratched your oak furniture you can sand it down but if the damage is severe, or if you have scratched a valuable piece of furniture, you should perhaps leave the repair work to someone with expert knowledge.

Another way to rid your furniture of a scratch may sound weird but it works; soak the scratch with a few drops of water, allow it to get moist, cover with a cloth and iron it with a warm iron.  It works!

If you have any oak problems, or any furniture problems you would like assistance with, then we are always here for you contact us.

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