Furniture Restoration

Over the years we have repaired /restored/refinished numerous items of furniture, from baby stools to complete bedroom suites.

Late 1800 Japanese nest

What Items Are Worth Restoring

All of them! An item of furniture is a personal belonging, possibly handed down through your families generations or left in a will by a loved one, or of sentimental value, all these items are special to you and so worth the time of our specialists to restore them to their original beauty.

We can strip and repolish or relacquer a piece of furniture caringly and with forethought of how the piece should have looked when originally made all those years ago.

Below is an example of of a special nest of tables we restored for a customer, a hand me down from father from when he served in the forces overseas, from the late 1800 in a heavily influenced Chinese style which were damaged and broken and due to their traditional dark finish did not fit in with her modern home.

We were asked to carry out all repairs and to strip the nest and to finish them in the lightest finish we could as this is always difficult as removing stains are difficult and time consuming, stripping was carried out followed by repairs and lots of sanding, this picture illustrate the works carried out .

Stages of Restoration late 1800 Japanese nest

A stunning Nest full of character and personal memories for the customer, as you can see we carried out repairs to the legs with a next to invisible repairs and finished in a durable natural clear lacquer to give the customer years of trouble free use...One happy customer.

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