Every single one of us has different needs, requirements and expectations when it comes to furniture.

Some of us will want pieces that fit in with a particularly classic kitchen, whilst others will want a piece of furniture that’s going to work with their über modern bedroom.

Whatever our individual requirements are, however, we’re all brought together with the need for functionality.

No matter how well a piece of furniture fits in with our room’s decor, at the end of the day it has to be functional and it has to serve its purpose, whether that’s by seating someone comfortably or offering enough room to store away clothes.

If you’re looking back at a classically-inspired piece of furniture, chances are you’re not going to have any problems finding something that’s practical.  Design has always been important, but most would agree that practicality was previously the factor focused on primarily.

Over the last couple of years – let’s say the last decade – it can seem as though furniture has been created that’s particularly stunning in its appearance, but is anything but functional.

So does this mean as a general rule of thumb, you have to forgo functionality if you’re looking for style?

In some cases it might seem that way, but at The Rocking Chair, that’s not the approach we like to take.

We fully understand that design principles change.  What was particularly fashionable, contemporary and modern last year can be the complete opposite today.  As with all types of design, that for furniture changes so regularly that look from the outside in and it can all seem like a bit of a blur!

It’s because of this why we aim to take the key elements from modern design and blend them together with classic functionality, resulting in a piece of furniture that won’t look out of place in a modern room, but is practical enough that it’ll meet your needs whatever they are.

Take our Milano furniture as an example.  It has all of the sharp, clean lines and an overall minimalist design that you’d expect to see from a modern piece of furniture, but every single item is more practical than any other piece of similar-looking furniture you’re likely to find.

Plus, made from solid American white oak, you know it’s going to last for years to come!

Having been providing furniture for many years now, we feel confident that we know just what it is you’re looking for on a broad level at least.  With several classic pieces in our range, we also have numerous contemporary-themed items, but you can always rest assured that if you decide to go with the latter, you’ll never have to forgo classic functionality for modern style.

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