Remember that feeling of moving into your first home? Small, but perfect and all yours. Furnishing your pad was exciting and fun and sometimes a bit of an adventure. Treasures from flea markets and craft stalls added charm and personality, though finding good quality oak furniture to fit small rooms might have been more of a challenge than you thought.

Well, no more.  Furniture manufacturers have realised that many of us love the feel and look of oak furniture in our homes, even if those homes are getting progressively smaller. And they’ve come up with oak furniture that is perfect for smaller rooms.

At The Rocking Chair, for example, we offer three different oak furniture ranges designed with today’s tighter spaces in mind.

The Milano Oak collection has been a firm customer favourite for many years and offers pieces for all the rooms in your home. It matches the designs of the other collections, so it’s useful whether you have just one small, awkward room to turn into a study or guest bedroom or want to furnish a whole apartment.

If you prefer your oak furniture in a more traditional country style and matt lacquer finish, then take a look at our Verona Rustic Oak collection. Its durable finish ensures your furniture will keep looking smart even if your pets or children get a little excited at times.

Finally, our newest range of oak furniture for small rooms:  the StamfordOak collection. Solid oak with a rich finish and designs specifically aimed at living and dining rooms. This range offers smart dining tables, coffee tables and even small & gorgeous sideboards to maximise the storage capacity of your home.

Once you’ve decided on the appropriate pieces of furniture, it’s on to decorating.  Making small rooms look bigger doesn’t have to be a tricky if you stick to a few tried and tested rules:

  • Lighter colours will make your rooms feel larger and airier
  • Mirrors add depth and light.
  • Tall bookcases or cabinets will make rooms look higher
  • Clutter of any kind is a definite no-no.

So between a few design rules and oak furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the room it’s intended you’re all set to create the room of your dreams – however big or small it may be.

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