Read any of our blog posts, check out our website or simply come in and have a chat with us and you’ll see that we’re huge advocates of pine furniture.

It’s the material a huge amount of our furniture is made from and we’re continually striving to provide it for rooms right throughout the house.

As we’ve talked about previously, pine furniture can be fantastic for the bedroom.  From the fact it’s warm and inviting through to it being a material that doesn’t date, whether you’ve got an ultra modern bedroom or something more traditional, there’ll be a piece of pine furniture to suit your requirements.

But what about other rooms in the house?  The kitchen, for example – how well does pine work there?

Whilst everyone will obviously have their own opinions (just as they will when it comes to having pine in the bedroom), we’re huge fans of it in the kitchen and strongly believe that it works fantastically well – arguably more so than any other material.

In many ways, a lot of this comes back to the fact it’s such a versatile material for kitchen furniture.

For most of us, the kitchen is one of the focal rooms in the house – if not the focal room.  It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, whether it’s open plan or particularly ‘cosy’, whenever there’s any type of gathering at a house, the kitchen is always the room where people congregate.  It’s because of this why we all want our kitchens to look as great as they can.

Where pine furniture’s versatility comes into play here is that it doesn’t really matter what piece of furniture you choose to purchase, as not only will it always work, but it will always be a talking point.

You won’t have to be concerned about whether it’s going to ‘go’ with your other furniture or be worried that people aren’t going to like it – as we said above, everyone has their own tastes, but there are very few people who don’t like pine!

What’s more, pine furniture’s timelessness is also an important factor.  Just as we talked about this as one of the reasons for pine in the bedroom, it’s just as much of an important factor behind why the furniture works so well in the kitchen, too.

Everyone wants to save money and so the majority of us are looking for furniture that’s going to last.  All furniture needs to be replaced at some point, no matter how well maintained it is, but this shouldn’t need to be because it goes out of fashion or doesn’t work with a room’s decor any more – and this won’t happen with pine furniture, as it’s one of the only types of furniture that can be both classic and contemporary.

It really doesn’t matter which room you’re looking to put pine furniture in, as we’re confident it can work perfectly – and when it comes to the kitchen, we’re certain the piece of pine you’ll choose really will be one you love.

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