We are often asked, here at The Rocking Chair, which finish is best, wax or lacquer, and the answer is not always as straight forward as one would think.

Wax Paste Polishes, How and When

Wax has been used for centuries as a wood finish, and today is still used, especially for pine furniture. Wax is an ideal finish for bedroom furniture and items like bookcases, which are not routinely exposed to moisture, or require wiping down.

Whilst a wax finish is more prone to scratching than a lacquered finish, the great advantage of wax is that it is a simple DIY job to repolish your furniture to restore its lustre and sheen. Wax polish can also be used in conjunction with Danish oil to improve its water resistance.

Lacquer finishes are often used on modern oak furniture, and are essentially a maintenance free finish. They offer an excellent moisture barrier to protect your furniture, along with effective stain and spillage protection. Most spills can simply be wiped off without much fuss, providing the spill is not allowed to stand for to long period.

Whilst lacquer finishes are less prone to scratching than a wax finish, they are not scratch proof. And, generally it is not a simple home DIY job to repair a lacquer scratch.

So Which Is Best?

Well, its horses for courses, as both have benefits and drawbacks. For most people, the benefits of a lacquer finish, i.e. a hard wearing durable finish that needs little maintenance that can offer years of easy use, is the better choice.

Wax polishes on the other hand have stool the test of time, and will be the preferred choice for pine furniture, or in a traditional style house. And if you are prepared to occasionally repolish your furniture, you will achieve a fantastic lustre and traditional look and feel to your furniture,

We hope this was of use in helping you understand which finish is which and where they can be used, many thanks for reading.

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