Pine and oak furniture are very different; pine is a softwood and oak is a hardwood. Both pine and oak furniture have been used in homes for years in the UK. In fact, many Victorian houses still proudly boast their original pine and oak wood window frames.

Pine is a timber that is easy to paint, whereas oak is hard and durable, which is more suited to wax polishing and oiling. This type of finishing is far more warm and attractive in a homely situation.

As you can see, the qualities of pine and oak furniture are not as similar as you might think; however, both pine and oak furniture bring warmth to a home if used in the correct settings.

In general, solid oak furniture is seen as a better quality option than pine furniture, but also as the more expensive option. But if you want your furniture to stand out from the usual common pieces then oak is the way to go.

The oldest hardwood furniture in existence in Britain is made from solid oak. Our countryside was covered in oak forests and this is the wood that was used for homes in the middle ages. People then realised its value as home furniture. Hard and durable with a beautiful grain, oak furniture cannot fail to delight the senses. Solid oak furniture will last the test of time. Classic and stylish, solid oak furniture fits into any setting whether you need contemporary furniture, or rustic furniture.

Wooden furniture, whether it is oak or pine, holds a big advantage over metal and plastic alternatives – as it will neither rust or become brittle.

Wooden furniture can literally be found in any room in the house, pine kitchen cupboards or maybe an oak dining table or bedroom drawers. Oak is timeless and your purchase cannot fail to be a good one. You will always look upon your solid oak furniture with pride and rightly so.

Take our Milano furniture range for example, this is high-quality oak and it will inevitably be the envy of your friends who have chosen cheap furniture, such as flat packed or plastic.

Whether you decide to furnish your home with pine and oak furniture or just oak, be sure that you are making the right choice; come to The Rocking Chair!

We are here to help you make the right decision – contact us here with any questions or orders you may have.

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