We all like to make the most of the space we have in our homes, but big pieces of furniture can overwhelm smaller rooms and make them look cluttered. So, for a nifty idea, try a single door wardrobe to make the most of the space you’ve got!

When designing your home, you’ll want to provide guests and relatives with the storage they need for a short or longer stay, even when the spare room is often the smallest room in the house. A small wardrobe provides much needed storage for a short stay, without taking away the space your guests require. Instead, it helps make your guests feel perfectly at home, so that they don’t have to live out of a suitcase.

Similarly, single door wardrobes are a fantastic idea in the kids room. Where smaller clothes require a smaller wardrobe, and the floor is the best play area, this neat storage idea is the perfect solution, storing all the kids’ clothes whilst leaving the floor open for them to create chaos on. And the minimalistic style really tucks the wardrobe away, lowering the chance of any nasty collisions between child and furniture.

The sturdy, solid design of our single door wardrobes means they’ll live as long as you need them to. So however many guests come and go, however many kids clothes occupy and then outgrow it, your wardrobe will stand firm and proud, without the wear and tear you may expect to see from other cheaper or flat-pack furniture.

And with the beautiful finishes of all our oak and pine furniture, our single door wardrobes can remain timeless within your home, and you can match it to chests, bedside tables and even dressers, so this petite yet practical piece of furniture need never look out of place and its practical nature need not take away from its stylish exterior.

For guests, kids, or just a smaller room, single door wardrobes are the perfect solution in a home short of space. Maximising the room space, providing a minimalistic look, yet still offering plenty of storage space for clothes, you really can’t resist one of these fabulous pieces of furniture, so have a look on our website for further details and ideas for your home.

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