We do as much as we can to offer as wide of a range of furniture as possible at The Rocking Chair.

Fully aware that everyone’s individual needs and expectations are different, throw into this the fact every room in the house can have individual styles and requirements itself and it’s important to us that we have furniture to offer that’s going to be suitable for a wide audience.

When it comes to the bedroom, a lot of people think they aren’t that fussed over what furniture they want.  A bed’s a bed and a wardrobe’s a wardrobe, it just has to do the job intended.

As soon as they start looking, however, they realise just how much choice is available – and when they’re looking at the material used, oak is so often opted for.

Although there are various reasons behind this, there are a handful that everyone enjoys and can benefit from, with one of the most notable being oak’s durability.

No one wants to buy a piece of furniture knowing that in a couple of years you’re going to have to replace.  Even if lower-end furniture is purchased, whilst you know you’re going to essentially need to buy it again in the near future, it’s not something that anyone wants to do.

Whilst the bedroom might seem like a room where the furniture isn’t that used, the truth is it is.

Think about your bed.  It’s got in and out of at least once every single day you’re at home. Your wardrobe is opened a handful of times every day, too.  Your chest of drawers and bedside tables will be opened and closed regularly – and no doubt filled to the brim with items!

When you choose a durable material such as wood, you don’t have to be concerned that the regular and heavy usage the bedroom furniture sees is going to be an issue.  It’s strong, it’s tough and there’s no reason why oak bedroom furniture shouldn’t last you for many, many years.

Although the durability of oak is without doubt a fantastic factor, it’s not the only reason why it makes for such a good choice for the bedroom – another popular reason is because  of how it can blend contemporary and classic together so perfectly.

Take a look at our Milano furniture as an example.  The designs obviously help with the appearance of the furniture, but the wood itself undoubtedly plays an important role.

It looks sleek, contemporary and fresh, whilst also having a distinct nod towards certain classic design traits, meaning it’s highly likely to fit in perfectly – and not look out of place – in any bedroom.

Striving to do as much as we can to satisfy our customers and meet their furniture needs, we strongly believe oak is one of the best materials for bedroom furniture and the reasons we mentioned here really are just a selection of some of the most notable.

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