The Benefits Of Oak Furniture

At The Rocking Chair we specialises in oak furniture and are based in Swansea South Wales. We sell a wide range of oak furniture, from Small oak Jewellery Boxes, Dining Table and Chair sets to Oak Bedrooms . There are many advantages of purchasing Oak furniture, here are just a few reasons why we love oak so much:

Easy to maintain

As long as you look after your oak furniture and take reasonable care with it,  it will last you for many years with little or no maintenance. If you keep it clean and wax  polish or oil it occasionally you will not need to carry out any further maintenance. If your oak furniture is lacquered you need only dust occasional to maintain its fabulous appearance.  However, as life is not perfect and accidents do happen, our skilled craftsmen in our Swansea workshop can carry out repairs, and even restoration of you beloved oak furniture and antiques, should it be needed, restoring your furniture to it original beauty and style.

Strong as Oak

Oak is one of the strongest woods that is used in furniture construction. It is extremely durable and will last hundreds of years, even with heavy usage over a long period of time. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular with designers and cabinet makes alike allowing them to show there skills for generations.

Oak also stands up will against minor damage, such as scratches or spills. It is perfect for homes with children or animals as you do not have to constantly worry about it being knocked or bumped. 


Oak furniture has a wonderful warm and natural look when finished in a natural wax polish, oil or lacquer, witch enhances the lovely undulations of the grain and the richness of the colour, its density and strength ensures it can be cut precisely making it suitable for contemporary styles at the same time enabling stunning carvings and moulding to enhance older traditional styles of furniture, therefore it is perfect in both modern and traditional homes. With time your oak furniture will age beautifully and will develop a patina that only many years of use can produce ensuring the later generations of your family will covert and enjoy this stunning of oak.


Good quality oak furniture can be adapted to suit any change in  stained or painted to produce completely different looks. Over time if you want to revamp your furniture then you have the option of painting or staining your furniture a different colour, or altering the finish of your furniture.

If you are looking for oak furniture in South Wales then you are more than welcome to call in and see us in our Swansea showroom or take a look through our website at everything we have to offer. We can deliver UK wide via a courier service to your front door, our skilled craftsmen also can carry out repairs and restoration of antiques, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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