Wood furniture is our passion. We source it, occasionally help design it, give feedback on it, sell it, deliver it and assemble it if needed. But our job doesn’t stop there. Helping you caring for your wood furniture and keeping your favourite pieces looking incredible for years to come is just as important to us.

Keeping your dining room table free from scratches and your wardrobe free from dings is easier than you think. We know how annoying it can be to find even a tiny scratch on an otherwise immaculate bed-frame or dresser. But over time, even if you take the most meticulous care, the odd scratch or water mark is bound to appear.

If you find a scratch – don’t panic. Start by figuring out how deep the scratch has gone. The easiest way to do this is by checking if the bottom of the scratch is the same colour as furniture’s surface. If so, the scratch has only gone as deep as the finish.

Repairing Deeper Scratches

If the base of you scratch has a colour that’s different from the finish, the scratch has gone right down to the wood.  On unpainted furniture, rub a walnut (pecans, Brazil nuts or even almonds work as well) into the scratch and leave to soak for 10 minutes. Then simply buff the area and the scratch will vanish before your eyes.

For painted wood, you need to source some matching paint to cover the damaged area. For a seamless repair job on small scratches, it’s a good idea to use a tooth pick or very fine paintbrush to apply the paint.

Polishing and Waxing Your Wood Furniture

To keep your oak and pine furniture looking its best, it’s important to remember to periodically polish and wax. Old English Furniture Polish is perfect for every day cleaning, while good quality furniture wax provides a hard finish and long-lasting protection.

Waxing  is a very important way to care for your wood furniture, as it will provide a protective surface layer that will decrease the likelihood of any damage occurring. You only need to wax your furniture every few months or the wax will build up and leave a nasty film behind. A little wax goes a long way, especially if you use a soft, lint-free cloth to spread it evenly over your furniture’s surface. Use a second soft cloth to buff away the excess and produce a lovely shine!

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