Over the past few months, we’ve talked about a whole host of different topics, from how to get the right furniture for your bedroom through to just why pine furniture is so fantastic in general.

Last week, we discussed something we hadn’t touched on previously, which was how to best maintain oak furniture.

Although it’s a particularly durable wood and can take a lot of wear and tear and still look good, you do have to keep on top of its maintenance to ensure you get the most from it for the longest time possible.

If you read the post, it’s highly likely you noticed one thing, which is that to all intents and purposes, the maintenance oak furniture needs all comes back to simply giving it the right level of care and attention.

In some ways, this sounds a little strange – it’s furniture, how much care and attention can you give an inanimate object?

But the truth is, by treating your furniture properly and giving it the right amount of TLC it needs, whilst you might not be able to prevent it from being stained or scratched inadvertently, you should be able to ensure it stays in a great condition for as long as possible.

Take something simple such as closing drawers or doors on a sideboard.  If you close them gently, you won’t cause any damage to the hinges, workings or drawers / doors themselves.

But no matter how well built the furniture is, if the drawers or doors are shut heavily or with force regularly, something’s going to give at some point.

It’s a similar situation with cleaning the furniture.  Sure, it may look relatively robust and although it would take a lot to damage it, it’s always recommended you pay special attention to what you’re cleaning it with.

You wouldn’t use harsh, bathroom bleach when cleaning a delicate wooden floor, so don’t believe the cleaning solution that works on your windows will be fine to quickly wipe down your furniture, for example.

There’s no doubt it might be fine, but by doing so you’re not giving it the right level of TLC it  deserves and whilst it may take a few additional minutes to go and get some clean water with gentle cleanser in – washing up liquid, for example – doing so will be of most benefit to your furniture.

From our Milano bedroom furniture through to the various kitchen items we have for sale, we do our utmost to build them to last.

However, the build quality is only part of the proces and to see your furniture look as great as it can for as long as possible, you really do need to give it as much tender loving care as you can.

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