The Perfect Nursery Furniture

There are many things to consider when you are choosing your nursery furniture. You have to think about how much space you have available, how much storage space you will need and how everything will be laid out to make it safe for your little one.

The nursery is not just for your baby, but also for you. It will have to be well laid out, organised and attractive, as you will be spending a lot of your time in there, nursing, changing and playing with your baby. The furniture you choose is vital to how the room will look and feel.

If you are planning on having more children then wooden furniture, either finished in a natural wax or painted is the ideal choice as it is a timeless addition to any nursery. Wooden furniture has a high re-sale value, or it can kept and passed down the generations as it is so long-lasting and improves with age. Wooden furniture provides the perfect backdrop for more colourful soft furnishings and decorations.

The essential furniture for a nursery includes:

  • A cot or crib
  • Storage space
  • A changing table
  • A nursing chair

Beech Rocking Chair For Your Nursery

We have provided many satisfied parents with a wooden rocking chair for their nursery’s. Our modern rocking chairs are comfortable safe to use and are a wonderful feature to have in a nursery. For hundreds of years rocking chairs have been used by nursing mothers to feed and soothe their babies. A rocking chair in a nursery is the perfect piece of furniture for you to be comfortable and for your baby to be gently rocked back to sleep.

Our Rocking Chairs are perfectly balanced to ensure ease of movement and have extended rockers at the back to ensure you can not ‘over rock’, our New slightly wider seat Rockers are even more comfortable for that 3 am feed!, years of enjoyment from a stunning traditional piece of craftsmanship.

You are welcome to call in to our workshop in Swansea, South Wales to see the quality of the rocking chairs on offer, or we can deliver rocking chairs to your door nationwide Free of Charge. We have a range of rocking chairs in different finishes and styles that are all safe to be used in a nursery.

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