When you have a little one on the way one of the many jobs to do is to decorate the nursery. It is a big job, but one that many parents thoroughly enjoy, especially when the “nesting” stage of pregnancy starts and even the most nonchalant woman becomes susceptible to a bit of DIY and soft furnishings.

There are many wonderful features that you can include in a nursery, from murals to unique furniture. Many parents come to us to look for a solid beech rocking chair for there nursery.

You can decorate your nursery in many different styles, but most parents like to have a timeless feel to the nursery. A  traditional beech rocking chair for your nursery adds this element of timelessness. Not only do they look fantastic but a rocking chair in your nursery is also very practical. It can be used for those night time feeds, or to rock an older baby back to sleep if they wake in the night. It gives the parent somewhere comfortable to sit and every baby and young child finds great comfort in a rocking motion.

Rocking chairs in nurseries have been popular for hundreds of years, and there is nothing better than to have a modern rocking chair in your nursery, so you know that it is safe for your little one. Timber that is not properly treated can become infested with harmful insects, or could rot and disintegrate, making a rocking chair dangerous to use. We supply new solid beech rocking chairs that have all the wonderful characteristics of an old fashioned rocking chair,  with a hand finished natural wax polish or a high quality paint finish and are delivered fully assembled ready to use in your nursery.

White and natural wood finish nursery furniture is a favourite, as it is gender-neutral and can be used again for any future children and passed down the generations. Our high quality beech rocking chair will last you and your family for many years and the baby that you are nursing now could be nursing your grandchild in the same chair in the many years to come.

Contact The Rocking Chair or pop in to see us in Swansea, South Wales, if you are looking for a high quality beech rocking chair for your nursery. Also deliver of our  rocking chairs is FREE across the UK, with the exception of Scotland and Ireland, but prices for these areas are available on request.

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