It doesn’t matter what you’re buying today, we’re naturally always looking for products that are environmentally-friendly.

Over the last few years in particular, it has been drummed into us that we all need to be making a concerted effort to help save the planet.  Although a lot of the problems are said to come from heavy industries, every little helps and so reducing our individual carbon footprints will go at least some way to helping resolve the problem.

And when it comes to choosing your furniture, you could do a whole lot worse than picking pine furniture!

One of the most popular woods used right around the world, pine is perfect for almost any purpose.  Furniture.  Floorboards.  Doors.  It doesn’t matter, as the versatility of the wood makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses.

Due to this reason, as a world we go through vast quantities of it, but have you ever heard of a major pine shortage?  A panic that we’re running out of this cherished wood entirely?

No, you won’t have done – and it’s unlikely you ever will do – as the vast majority of pine sold around the world is sustainably farmed.

What this essentially means is that for every pine tree cut down, a certain number more are planted.  The idea is that the more we use, the more we plant, meaning we’ll always continue to have lush pine landscapes no matter how much pine is needed.

When it comes to the actual environmental benefits, one of the most notable is that pine is carbon neutral.  When it’s decomposing, it releases the carbon it took from the atmosphere during its growth, meaning that irrelevant of how many pine trees are chopped down, there’ll be no directly negative impact from the trees on the environment.

But this is just one benefit – another popular one is that unlike a lot of treated woods, pine isn’t filled with potentially environmentally-harmful chemicals.

And because the wood doesn’t need it, there’s no negative effect on its use – pine is a naturally strong material (particularly in a strength-to-weight ratio sense) and treatments really aren’t necessary.

We do our best at The Rocking Chair to provide a variety of furniture that’s going to continually meet our customers’ needs.

And whether you’re looking at our Aspen bedroom furniture or our stunning kitchen dressers, you can be confident you’ll be receiving furniture that has the least negative effect on the environment possible.

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