We have been doing it for years but recently it has become a trend that everyone seems to be enjoying.

We have all had a go...Annie Slone, chalk pain, stippling, ageing, and modernising, but basically its taking a piece of good quality older furniture and changing it in some way to give it a new lease of life, whether its because the piece of furniture is time beaten and showing its age, or it no longer suits because of its colour, or even its to big for your new home, as long as its a good quality piece of furniture you should be able to transform your old to a stunning new piece, that will happily give you another 20 years use, and for a lot less that purchasing a new piece of similar quality!

Up Cycling is about imagination, some have the ability to see beyond the tattered and broken pieces of a old chest or table and chairs, and see how it would look in a stunning new and bold colour, lifting it from a drab 'hand me down' to a talking piece that everyone loves.

I could talk at length about how to carry out up cycling, but I will show you some before and after pictures just to show you what can be done, then I might tell you how we achieved the finished result.

Beech Block Bedsides

 Here we have a pair of beech block bedsides cabinets, about 15 years old, perfect size for the customers bedroom but did not suit her new decor.

Sliver Bedsides with Crystal handles

 Here they are finished in a sliver lacquer and Crystal Glass handles, very bling indeed but suited her silver wallpapered feature wall in her bedroom. 

A wicker 3 seater settee, from a customers sun lounge, the set had 2 single seaters as well, they fitted perfectly and the style suited but she wanted to make them look modern.

Painted Farrow & Ball Down Pipe


Farrow & Ball Down Pipe

Our customer wanted a dark grey and after several coats of Farrow & Ball Down Pipe to make sure all the wicker was covered, she was over the moon with the result and it saved her the expense of purchasing new.

Not only can we up cycle old furniture but we are very happy painting new furniture to suit the colour scheme you have , I have put a couple of examples here just to give you inspiration and to see what can be done.

Telford 3 door sideboardTelford 3 door sideboard open doors

Here we have our Telford Oak 3 Door sideboard, it comes in Classic Oak colour or Natural Oak colour but we can also paint it more or less any colour you want, to suit your colour scheme.

Painted Telford 3 door sideboardPainted Telford 3 door sideboard

We can also do a bespoke colour to match your kitchen or other furniture you have, we prefer you to chose a standard chart colour as it makes life far easier for us when you come back in 2 years wanting another piece! This Telford wine rack was matched to the customers kitchen.

Telford Wine Rack with drawersBespoke colour matching

If you have a piece of furniture old or new, we can make it perfect for you.

If you have any questions about up cycling or just re finishing new furniture, please don't hesitate to call Paul on 01792 77300 or drop us a email with pictures at info@therockingchair.co.uk

Always happy to help and give you the furniture you love.

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