At The Rocking Chair, we’re a family-run business and have based our success since we opened our doors in 2000 on our traditional family values, values we really feel are so important in business.

No matter which organisation or industry you look at, as consumers, we just want two basic points to be met – products that hit (if not exceed) our expectations and a level of customer service that means we get everything we need, from product information through to questions answered, as soon as we need it.

As this is the case, we make sure our pine furniture is of the highest quality. We’re happy to say this comes as standard and our craftsmen in our own workshops are meticulous, using tried and tested traditional methods to ensure only the best products are being built.

But where we like to think we differ from others is that we care just as much about the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers as we do the quality of the products we provide.

The reason behind this is having just a great product is only part of the experience of owning it.  You want that reassurance that should something unexpectedly go wrong, you know there won’t be any problem getting the issue resolved.

Similarly, you want to feel confident that when you need a new piece of furniture, you don’t have to go through the whole search process again and can go straight back to where you bought your last piece of high quality pine furniture from.

However, we don’t think we’re perfect and there’s always room for improvement – and because of this, we’ve developed this blog as we strongly feel it’s going to ensure we can deliver an even higher level of service!

The whole aim of this blog is to supplement the great service we’ve been delivering for over a decade now.  It’s here to provide you with news, information, advice and support on all aspects of pine furniture.  It will answer your questions and put your mind at rest on anything that’s causing you a headache – we know our products are great, as do our customers, but we also know that if you’ve never bought from us before and are looking for a certain piece of furniture, you’re likely to be spending hours trying to find the best company to spend your money with!

We’re confident that the pine furniture we provide at The Rocking Chair is of the best quality and consistently built to a high standard.  Always aiming to deliver customer service to the same level, we really do feel this blog will help us to continue doing that perfectly.

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