How Welland Furniture can help with your Spring Cleaning

Even though you currently wouldn’t think that Spring was here with the low temperatures we’ve been having across South Wales and the rest of the UK, it is indeed that time of year again. The change in the season often means that we start looking towards the Summer and put Winter as a distant memory. And love it or hate it, with the start of Spring comes the time for that yearly task of spring cleaning.

Now is the time for us to start organising and decluttering our living spaces and it is also a time for us to start looking at our furniture and ensuring that it provides us with the storage solutions that we need. At The Rocking Chair, we can offer you a bespoke customer service that can suit your needs when it comes to oak and pine furniture.

Bedroom storage solutions with Welland furniture

While the weather is changeable and the temperature still remains quite low, the best place to start with our spring cleaning is indoors. Most tasks are always best completed from the top down and so what better place to start within the house than with the bedrooms?

The Spring season is always an ideal time to declutter the bedroom, to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit nor are wanted, to pack away the Winter clothes into the loft in order to make room for the Summer clothes that we hope to be wearing soon.

Welland furniture – Chests

The Welland furniture range offers you a variety of options when it comes to pine chest storage:

  • there’s the 4 drawer chest with it’s deep drawers;
  • the slimline 5 drawer chest for those narrower spaces; and then there’s the
  • 9 drawer chest which definitely provides room for all those t-shirts and shorts that we hope to be wearing as the months start to warm up as well as allowing room for that woollen jumper that we know that we will need to have easily to hand for the good old British summer!


Welland furniture – Wardrobes

And don’t forget the wardrobe options that are part of this classically-styled pine furniture range. The wardrobes range from a single wardrobe with drawer storage to a double wardrobe with mirrored doors to a triple wardrobe with drawers and a mirror built in.


Made with solid pine including solid pine backs and bottomed drawers, the Welland furniture range is timeless and will allow you to enjoy your newly decluttered and organised bedroom as soon as you put the last sock in the drawer and shirt in the wardrobe.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to start that spring cleaning!

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