It’s practically guaranteed that everyone around the world will have had some type of pine furniture in their home at some point in their life.

Timeless and multi-purpose, it’s also particularly cost-effective – when you think a good quality pine bed could easily last you 10 years at least, with the king size bed in our Welland bedroom furniture range priced at just £309, that’s the equivalent of just over £30 a year.

One of the most attractive points about all pine furniture, no matter whether you’re looking for the kitchen or the conservatory, is that because of its clean look, it fits in fantastically well with most decors.

Meaning you don’t have to worry about whether a piece of furniture is going to fit in with a room’s colour scheme before you buy it, although pine won’t look out of place anywhere, there are some decors that both compliment the piece and help to make it a subtle but important focal point in a room.

For example, leather always works particularly well, especially in black or brown.  The reason behind this is it gives some contrast to the lighter pine, making it stand out but also fit in.

It’s because of this why you should generally look to stay away from similar, light colours such as dull / light yellows, oranges and reds.  The reason behind this is that whilst they won’t look bad in the room alongside the pine furniture, they won’t give any depth to the room either.

Imagine you had a pine dining table and placed a table runner over it.  A yellow one would without doubt work, but a green one would bring the room to life.  It would just add a little something that takes the table from being a piece of furniture in your dining room to the main focus of the room.

However, whilst it’s important to consider the decor of the room and the accessories that are going to be placed alongside the furniture, it’s also crucial that you consider the actual room, specifically in terms of its size and how bright it is.

Pine furniture will work well in all rooms, but if you’ve got a particularly light room, you may be best using slightly more darker tones in your decor to provide a greater contrast with the furniture, whilst keeping it obvious and noticeable.

But with a darker room, you want the opposite – light colours on the walls to open the room up, but also something bright near to the furniture to draw your attention to it, ensuring it doesn’t blend in to the room too much.

One of our favourite points about all of our pine furniture, whether that’s a single Aspen wardrobe or a full dining room set is that it looks fantastic whatever decor you’ve got.

Light or dark, bold or subtle, pine furniture fits in with every room in every house, making it the perfect option for you, whatever your furniture needs are.

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