We’re proud of every single piece of pine furniture we create at The Rocking Chair.

Putting everything we’ve got into the development of furniture that is genuinely going to meet your requirements and last for many years, we do our utmost to have at least several pieces of furniture suitable for everyone.

And whilst our extensive selection provides something for all, our Welland bedroom furniture is a particularly popular option.

Whilst one reason would obviously be great, we’re delighted to say that we receive positive feedback about various different aspects of it, all helping to make it one of our most popular ranges.

Take the fact that you kit out your entire bedroom with furniture that matches perfectly, no matter what it is you’re looking for.

In many situations, you can usually get matching wardrobes and chest of drawers, but you’ll often have to pick a different bed and accessories, such as mirrors and ottomans.

WIth our Welland range, however, you really can have everything to match perfectly.

Wardrobes.  Chest of drawers.  Bedside tables.  Beds.  Numerous other pieces of ‘optional’ furniture and items (i.e., those that not everyone may want, but are there for those that do).

What’s more, you’re given choice for most pieces of furniture, too – from double beds and king size beds through to four different chest of drawers and two different dressing tables, our aim isn’t just to ensure we can provide the pieces of furniture themselves, but that the choice is there for people to truly get the item they need.

Another great point about this range of furniture is that it’s pine.  Whilst there’s a whole host of benefits to pine itself, one of the most notable here is that it’s extremely versatile.

No one wants to buy furniture knowing that they might have to change it should they redecorate their room and with pine furniture, that really doesn’t have to be the case.

As we discussed previously, pine does work best with certain decors, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with others – the timeless qualities of the wood mean whatever room you’re putting it in, it’ll never go out of fashion, whilst the versatility of its colour means an accessory or two that adds a splash of colour can make the wood blend into the room perfectly.

Our Welland furniture is one of our most popular bedroom ranges we provide.  Suitable for everyone’s bedroom, no matter how young or old you are or what your decor is, there’s one thing above all else you should expect with the furniture – and that’s quality.

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