Shopping for home furniture can be a distressing activity to take on, especially when you have no idea what it is you are looking for.  Do you want to go for the cheaper option in pine, or are you happy to splash out for Milano furniture of the oak variety?

Whichever it is you choose, you will be getting quality with either.

When people think of oak furniture the first thing they tend to think of is its price – but there is a reason it is more expensive than other furniture; it is of such a fantastic quality that it deserves a higher price tag.  It has so many plus points, from its strength and durability to the fabulous appearance it has.

At The Rocking Chair our oak furniture includes wardrobes, beds and chests of drawers, amongst other items, and we can honestly say that these are all of an incredible look and feel.

The appearance of oak is traditional and classic but it also mixes well with furniture made of other materials, whether that is metal, plastic or another type of wood.

A piece of oak furniture – a table, for example – can be the centrepiece of any room, whilst also adding a rustic feel to your home.

If it is looked after carefully, your oak furniture will only require a minimum amount of maintenance throughout the year – maybe a polish two or three times a year.  With this small amount of care, oak will last for a long time, which makes it a great investment.

When it comes to strength, you will not find a material of furniture that comes out on top of oak; it really is so strong and durable.  It can last for years on end without losing any of its strength, which, again, makes it an unbelievable piece of furniture – especially when used for storing heavy objects, such as a computer or if you use an oak bookshelf or cabinet.

It is also extremely good at resisting most stains and scratches due to how solid it is, which makes it ideal for a family with small children and / or pets.

No matter how the interior design looks inside your home, oak will fit in with any look you have gone for.  And because it lasts so much longer than other materials, it is most definitely worth paying that bit extra for a solid piece of oak furniture.

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