We all have our favourite types of furniture, in terms of everything from the actual piece itself (be it a bed, a sofa, etc) right through to the material it’s made from.  Even if we don’t think we have any preferences, subconsciously we’ll have certain items or qualities we love and look for more than others.

For some, the choices will be particularly ‘out there’.  Materials will be chosen that aren’t often used in furniture on a mass-production scale and styles that are modern or unusual will be picked out, generally with the aim of having something unique (at least amongst our circle of friends) in our home.

For many others, tradition rules above all else and furniture is picked on qualities that are known and loved.  The furniture may not stand out in regards to its originality, but it will be an item that you know and love in many respects, something that can make you love a piece of furniture even more.

At The Rocking Chair, we create furniture that’s primarily produced out of pine and oak.  With our items particularly popular, a lot of this comes back to the material and whilst these woods can undoubtedly be designed in modern ways (and therefore fall into the first scenario above), we strongly believe they’re so adored because they offer something not a lot of other materials can – confidence.

When you’re buying a wardrobe from our Milano furniture range, for example, you know you’re going to be buying a wardrobe that will undoubtedly last.  You can rest assured it’s going to be built to a high standard anyway, but the quality of the material means you should have no qualms about its longevity.

Similarly, you can feel satisfied that it’s going to look fantastic.  It may not turn heads because it looks completely unique and it might not make people remember it because of its quirkiness, but you can almost guarantee people will comment on the fact it looks like such a quality piece of furniture.

These are just two ways pine and oak furniture can instill confidence, but how many other materials can you say it about?

Whether you’re buying cheaper or more expensive furniture, chances are you’ll always have concerns somewhere, but with pine or oak items, such concerns are very rarely apparent – and when they are, a little information can usually put your mind completely at ease!

Always happy to answer questions and alleviate concerns about any type of furniture, if you have a question you’d like to ask us, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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